Newberry Town Reassigns Addresses

6:53 PM, Sep 23, 2013   |    comments
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Whitmire, SC (WLTX) -- Through the years many things about the Town of Whitmire have remained the same.

"It's just a wonderful place to live," said long time resident Milton Williams.

But soon the street on which you find your friends and neighbors will change.

For Williams, who has lived in his home for the last 27 years, that means a completely different address.

"Well it's gonna take a little time to get adjusted to it," said Williams.

963 homes and businesses within the town limits will soon have new street numbers, and in some cases new street names as well.

Mayor Billy Hollingsworth says the change will help improve emergency response times by getting rid of multiple streets with the same names and a numbering system that did not always make sense.

"Just taking us longer to find certain places," explained Hollingsworth. "People locally would pretty much know, but outside, like ambulance service out of Newberry for example, not being familiar with it get on a street looking for a street number and having to hunt it."

He says the town council voted to move forward with re-addressing in April 2012 after opting out of a similar project in Newberry County in 1995.

Newberry County Sheriff Lee Foster says through country 911 fees, department did all the legwork renumbering the addresses. He says the new system is based on mileage and GPS.

Hollingsworth says the money also covering the cost of new street signs and updated licenses.

The address changes go into effect on October 16th.

Hollingsworth says the post office will to deliver mail addressed to both the old and new addresses for one year.

Business owners like Sherri Epps, who owner a hair salon, say they will still have to cover their own additional costs.

"Like my business cards, I'll have to change all that, so that's gonna be a cost, my mailing address, my business information, all that will have to be changed, so that's kinda like a negative because that's more money putting out to have things changed, but on a positive side it's gonna help with the 911," said Epps.

While everyone is not thrilled with the idea of the change, others like Epps and Williams say they know the town will come together in the end.

"We can cope with that, change is a good thing in Whitmire," said Williams.

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