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Proposed Property Tax To Help Schools in Kershaw County

10:13 PM, Sep 24, 2013   |    comments
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Kershaw County, SC (WLTX)- Property taxes in Kershaw County could go up next year; that's if a referendum to improve schools makes it to a public vote.

Superintendent Frank Morgan held the first of six public forums on Tuesday to educate the public about the proposed tax.

"We have a lot of buildings in this district that have served us well but they are 40-50 years old," said Morgan.

The Kershaw County school district just finished phase one of their plan to improve the structure of their schools. 102 million dollars that were funded by an installment purchase program through the state, that program is no longer available so Superintendent Frank Morgan says the next option for funds will be a referendum.

"We have 20 schools and this referendum would hit half of them. We have done a lot of work in some other schools and some of the other schools are relatively new."

Morgan says Referendums have not been that successful in the past, so he wants to get the public's input on how to create a plan that citizens will vote for.

"We want to build it from the ground up; we want everyone's input as we build it versus building it off to the side and springing it on the public and hoping we can build support then. We want to build it gradually from the grass roots."

If the referendum passes, nearly 100 million dollars will be used to renovate schools and build new buildings for existing schools.

"If it was a 100 million dollar referendum it would be $4 per month per $100,000 worth of property value.
What we are looking at is how do we get our facilities where they need to be for the next 30-40 years and I think when you look at it in that context it starts to make a great deal of sense. "

There will be five more public forums. The next one will be this Thursday at Lugoff-Elgin high school at 6:30pm.

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