Studying Dingo's In The Midlands

10:04 PM, Sep 27, 2013   |    comments
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Bishopville, SC (WLTX) This weekend dog lovers will descend on Bishopville studying the American Dingo also known as "Carolina Dogs."  

"She is the smartest dog I have ever had and I have always trained dogs," said Kelly Vickrey, who drove all the way from Arizona.

When you hear someone talk about a dingo you instantly think of places like Australia. But experts say there are dingo's in the US and even in the Midlands.

"They live out in wrecked mobile homes and in some of the poorest communities," said Ilehr Brisban, Professor Emeritus at the University of Georgia.

Brisban has studied wildlife for more than 30 years. He says American dingo's can be found in rural places like Lee County.

"Unfortunately it's poor, because its poor it hasn't been developed which means it had wide advances of swamp and these fields of agriculture where the dogs can still survive."

This weekend dingo owners from all over the country are meeting in Bishopville to bring awareness to the breed and conduct research.

Vickrey and Gene Baker drove all the way from Arizona and brought their dog Ginger.

"We rescued her she was at a local shelter in Mesa, Arizona," said Vickrey.

Brisban says it's good to have people outside of the palmetto state bring their dogs in order to continue to study the breed.

"That's a sad thing; we don't know a thing about Carolina dogs in the wild. We know more about pandas in china, polar bears in Norway than we know about Carolina dogs in Lee County.











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