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Lexington Penny Sales Tax Plans Moving Ahead

7:11 PM, Oct 3, 2013   |    comments
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Lexington County, SC (WLTX) - A push to try and get a penny sales tax on the ballot in Lexington County is moving forward.

The Penny for Progress commission met Thursday to hammer out a game plan to determine which projects the tax will fund. They are hoping to get the public's input and not just focus on projects they want to spend the money on.

Once they nail down what the tax will fund, then they will present it to county council to try and get approval from them so that it can be placed on the ballot.

The commission is taking a different approach than Richland County took when their penny tax was approved last year.

"This is different in the fact that the projects are identified on the front end and once it goes on the ballot, if approved by county council and voters,  that is a matter of law then and these are the projects that are going to be built and funded by the penny tax... there is no question about that," said Mike Crapps of Capital Projects. "I think it is a really smart way to do it because there is no doubt how the money will spent and then it is truly up to the voters do they want to move forward and fund this group of projects."

There will be a number of workshops held throughout the county in order to get the public's input.

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