City Hopes To Develop Jackson Blvd., Other Areas

10:10 PM, Oct 17, 2013   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Thursday night the city of Columbia Planning Service held a public meeting to get recommendations to continue to improve the Devine Street and Jackson Boulevard area.

Within the last year, Whole Foods, Moe's, and other businesses have set up shop along the Devine Street Corridor and now the city planning commission is working on a land use plan to send to city council to improve the surrounding areas.

Residents gave recommendations on how to improve the Gills Creek area and other abandoned building in order to make the area a better live work and play community in Columbia.

City planning is also exploring improving Jackson Boulevard which is right off the highway and could be a new source of income to the city.

"There has been some recent investment and the city wants to build on the successes we are seeing recently and so the major purpose of this process is economic development. What kinds of things can the city and others even on the private side do to keep it moving in the right direction and build that momentum so that ultimately we can get some economic development in this area of Columbia," said Meg Nealon with Land Design Planner.

"Often that public space or that green space can be beneficial to citizens but also attract really good development and sometimes we turn our back on our waterways but sometimes you can actually embrace them and they can become great developments from an economic aspect as well as a better place for people to live," said John Fellows with the city.

City Planning will take all the information from tonight's meeting and narrow it down in efforts to get a proposal to present to city council before the end of the year.


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