Winnsboro Woman Tells Story of Iconic Kiss

12:04 AM, Nov 12, 2013   |    comments
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Winnsboro, SC (WLTX) -- On August 14, 1945, the day it was announced Japan surrendered to the United States to end World War 2, the nation celebrated.

One of the most iconic images captured during the celebration was witnessed by a Midlands resident who just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

"The young people were eager to go, there was no thought of not doing everything we could for the country," said Gloria Bullard.

87-year old Bullard of Winnsboro is one of those who can't forget those turbulent times.

According to Bullard, "We were all so war conscience and the streets were full and the sidewalks were full of servicemen."

Then Gloria Delaney, Bullard was a 19-year old nursing student at the New York Medical College.

During the war she was working in the college's hospital while registered nurses were involved in the efforts of the Second World War.

"We would have 8-hours of clinical work and then the rest theory, so we were working about 12 to 13 hours per day," said Bullard

Then unknowingly when the war came to an end on Victory over Japan day, her image was captured witnessing one of the most famous kisses in American history.

According to Bullard, "I just took a glance, I didn't stop, the picture looks as if I was standing there, but I just stopped and saw the sailor and the graduate, she was a registered nurse."

Not only was she smiling because it was the end of the war, she also knew her future husband would be coming home soon.

"It ended up that he was in the Philippines waiting for the invasion of Japan," said Bullard.

Now 68-years later as we continue to lose those men and women who sacrificed so much during those war years, Bullard hopes we all won't forget what they did for our country.

"This is the greatest country on Earth and that ever was and I think it is so important for the young people today to grow up today knowing the real history of their country," said Bullard.

Bullard went on to marry and the couple had four children.

She now has eight grandchildren and recently had her first great-grandchild.

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