Officials Warn Community of Door to Door Conmen

11:43 AM, Nov 30, 2013   |    comments
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Newberry County, SC (WLTX)- Newberry County Sheriff's Department is warning the community to be cautious of people offering services or representing themselves as the government.

Officials say that criminals will approach you at your home and represent themselves as a service provider or a contractor for the government. 

Their goal is to distract you while a cohort or they themselves sneak into your home and take valuables. These conman type criminals will often dress the part. 

In a recent incident the criminal told the victim he was there to speak to victim about cutting trees. He then had the victim walk away from the home. At some point, another person entered the home and stole personal items. 

If someone comes to your home offering a service or making demands on behalf of the government, ask them to return and call that service provider to determine if it is legitimate or call 911. 

Be firm in denying them access regardless of their demands. If they are legitimate, they will gladly return. 

Traditionally Christmas is a time when property crimes and scams increase due to the availability of goods and the good nature of people during the Holidays. Please be cautious and aware. 

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