Man Wins Lawsuit For Being Mistaken As Sex Offender

8:47 PM, Dec 13, 2013   |    comments
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Clarendon County, SC (WLTX) --  An Orangeburg native won over $800,000 in a lawsuit after his homeowner's association told the entire complex he was a sex offender.

"It was humiliating, disgusting, just embarrassment," Jamie King said.

In small towns like North Santee, it's not hard for rumors to get around fast. In this case, King's supposed reputation preceded him.
"I was very surprised when she told me even though I had known about it, just to know it had gone to that length," King said.

King heard that the complex where he just bought two condos in Clarendon County were handing out flyers saying he was a sex offender.
The problem was the man in the flyer wasn't King.

"Talked to one person in particular who knew me from childhood days and he had told them right off the bat it wasn't me," King said. "It should have stopped there."

King went to Charleston Attorney Jason Daigle in 2010, who was pretty confident about the case.

"I just didn't see a way that we could lose that case," Daigle said.

Daigle also got Manning Attorney Shaun Kent involved.

"This was like a cancer it was spreading everywhere, everybody was talking about it everybody was hearing about it," Kent said. "Jamie became a prisoner in his own mind."

The case finally went to trial inside a Clarendon County courtroom.

After two full days and seven hours of deliberation, two members of the Homeowner's Association were ordered to pay up.

"I wanted to make sure these people can learn a lesson and realize they can't go around calling people what they want to," King said.

The Homeowner's Association of Santee Resort Condominiums was ordered to pay $890, 000 in damages to King.

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