Gamecocks Get Own Police Escort in Orlando

11:04 PM, Dec 30, 2013   |    comments
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Orlando, Fla  (WLTX)   "We block traffic, we hold all the expressways, they are closed for them, when they are on the road they are the only ones in it."

 Lt. Douglas Goerke with the Orlando police department heads the Gamecock motorcade.

 "It's an absolute honor to have the Gamecocks here. We had them two years ago"

 If the presidential treatment wasn't enough. The Gamecock staff customizes the bikes with Gamecock decals.

 Also the officers helmets are an exact replica of the helmets worn by the players on the field.

 "You can see now wear the Gamecocks colors, we fly the flags at all times and we are very proud of them.

 The equipment staff is very gracious and they give is the decals and we fly the flags on the back of our bikes"

 Goerke says just like when the president is in town they map out each route and go wherever the team does.

 "We have been planning this for months. It takes months to plan this. We check the routes and check the traffic We are assigned to them everyday so when the team rolls we roll with them. These officers risk their lives everyday but basically they are here for the gamecocks and they are specifically assigned to them"

 And of course we had to ask LT. Goerke who is gong to win the game.

 "Come on man! Gamecocks all the way baby!

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