Dorn VA Closes Operating Rooms Again

11:50 AM, Jan 6, 2014   |    comments
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Dorn VA Medical Center

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The operating rooms at the Dorn VA Medical Center are closed again, after more debris was found in the air filtration system in that section of the hospital.

The hospital paused their operating room services on January 2nd, the hospital revealed Monday.

It's the latest in a series of shutdowns that have happened as the hospital tries to solve a problem with its system that makes the air in the rooms safe from potentially dangerous materials.

Back on October 18th, Dorn officials closed the operating room after an employee of the hospital noticed particulate matter on supplies stored in the operating room. On November 8th, a disintegrated filter was found in the system, and it was believed that may have been the source of the problem. The rooms were cleaned, and on December 2nd, the operating rooms reopened.

However, on December 5th, more particular matter was found, and the hospital shut down the room again. An extensive reengineering of the room took place, and on December 30th, the rooms were reopened one more time. Previous Coverage: Dust Still Plagues Operating Rooms at Dorn

However, on January 2nd, the particulate matter was found again.

No illnesses have been reported from the problem. The hospital has worked with local hospitals to handle needed surgeries.

The news comes as an oversight committee is visiting the Dorn VA Monday. 

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