Woman Gets Rental Car After Walmart Employee Crashes Her Car

8:06 PM, Jan 13, 2014   |    comments
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Newberry, SC (WLTX) -- News19 has gotten results for a Midlands woman who took her car in for an oil change and ended up with a damaged car.

"Not having a vehicle here and knowing you need to go somewhere, I felt helpless," Misti Colson said.

Eight days ago, Colson went to the Walmart in Newberry expecting an oil change, but instead her car was heavily damaged after going through the garage door and hitting a guardrail.

Colson said communication with the the insurance company Claims Management Inc. has been inconsistent.

"They didn't want to talk to me, they didn't have any answers for me and I just felt like I was going absolutely nowhere," Colson said.

Since News19's report on Friday, things have turned around. 

The auto shop that sold her the car heard the story and decided to help out.

"Affordable Auto has been absolutely wonderful, they are in the process of trying to find a vehicle for me, they have given me a loaner car that I could drive today, so I could get the kids to school. They've gone above and beyond," she said.

But, after we called Claims Management Inc. and Walmart's corporate office, things got even better.

"They had left me voicemails stating that I would be approved for a rental car for three days until they can get an adjuster out to look at the car, so I'm just ecstatic," she said.

Now Colson has a way to get around, even if it's only for a couple days.

"To walk outside and get into a vehicle to go somewhere is so taken for granted.," Colson said. "I'm very happy to finally get a rental and finally feel like I'm getting somewhere."

Walmart sent out an adjuster to check out Colson's car and they said her claim has been elevated to be dealt with immediately.

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