Neighbors In Shock After Four Found Dead In Home

12:10 AM, Jan 16, 2014   |    comments
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Irmo, SC (WLTX) - Neighbors says Riverwalk is a quiet place to live and are still in shock after deputies discovered two adults and two children that were shot and killed; they say the deaths are the result of a murder suicide.

"The mother of one of the individuals that was found in the home was concerned that she had not heard from her son for a couple of days so she came to check on them and that's when she located the four individuals and she called Richland County and we came out to investigate," said Sergeant Curtis Wilson.

Wilson says all of the victims were shot in the upper body and a gun was found beside the father in the home.

The father's mother wasn't the only person that had not heard from him in a while. Christopher Brayboy has known the father for five years and says he's tried to contact him.

"Just recently him not being at the shop, not letting anyone know, it was just puzzling," said Brayboy.

Out of respect for the families News 19 has decided not to release the names of the victims until the coroner officially releases the names Thursday.  

"He wasn't at the shop I called him and this was right after Christmas, he said hey me and my family are at Disney World enjoying ourselves and I said hey enjoy yourself I will talk to you when you get back. He said I will get back to the shop on Monday."

 Days later Brayboy tried to contact the father again.

"He wasn't at the shop then either and I said that's puzzling. I tried to call him he didn't call me back and me and my wife were talking and we said that's not like him. So to me it was just a sudden change in the last couple of weeks not being able to talk with him. The last time I talked with him was when he was at Disney World right after Christmas, which was the last time I was able to hear his voice and speak with him."





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