Blythewood High School Cafeteria Worker Labeled a Hero

7:43 PM, Jan 16, 2014   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Blythewood High School Cafeteria worker Susan Newton doesn't want the recognition, the glory or the awards for her actions on September 30th, when an unexpected visitor entered the school's side door near her lunch station.

"I'm just doing my job, I don't think I deserve anything special," said Newton. "You know, you just do your job."

With 14 years woking in Richland 2's school district under her belt, she immediately realized the man was out of place -- he was in his early 20's, wet and missing a shoe.

After Newton alerted administrators, the man was in the main office within minutes, waiting for the same authorities he was running from when he ran into his former high school.

"All the schools have certain rules. You wear your ID badge, everyone needs to wear their ID badges and have them visible at all times," said Newton. "You never know when somebody's going to sneak in and something terrible's going to happen. If you pay attention to all of that, it could avert a crisis."

Though the safety of children is just something Newton takes as a daily priority, administrators say her actions went above and beyond the call of duty. On Monday, she was given Sodexo awards from the district, region and nation.

"There's a process for when they come in and it could be very easy to go about your business, but she recognized that and she addressed it," said Blythwood High School Principal Keith Price. "That takes courage, especially when it's someone you do not know."

A faulty lock was to blame for how the man was able to enter the normally-locked side door, and it has since been fixed. Though Newtown doesn't see it, her colleagues say there's also been a change in her that day since she became a hero.

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