Neighbors Concerned About Spike in Crime

12:32 AM, Jan 22, 2014   |    comments
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Forest Acres, SC (WLTX) - After a home invasion that left one suspect dead and two on the run, neighbors in the Forest Acres area are concerned about recent crime in the area.

With three armed robberies in the first 20 days of 2014 here in Forest Acres it has some residents concerned. The police chief says last year they had 18 armed robberies and despite crime being down, stats mean nothing if you are living in fear. 

"Just concerned more concerned than usual," said Martha Garvin.

Forest Acres police are still looking for two men that robbed the Pizza Joint two weeks ago.

Investigators say the two men came into the restaurant with a gun and demanded money.

Police are also searching for two suspects that robbed a CVS store last weekend. Both men armed with guns.

And Tuesday morning while police responded to a home invasion a man robbed the Zippy Mart on Bethel Church Road.

The recent crime brought some first time visitors like Garvin to the Forest Acres Neighborhood Association meeting.

"Just concerned and opening your eyes to what's going on and watching your surroundings," said Garvin.

"I want to know if that situation was me and someone were to come into my house, what do I need to do to protect myself and my family," said Eron Swann.

Swann came to the meeting to find out what training is being given to residents to help them know what to look for.

"What do I need to be looking for when I am out in the community on a day to day basis that looks suspicious instead of me just being paranoid."

Chief Gene Sealy says that he has seen a spike in violent crimes throughout the state.. But says this could be prevented if repeat offenders are not on the streets.

"They get out and commit it again and again and they never get to court, someone needs to take a hard like on these folks. If they are sitting in jail they wont be breaking in your house or killing someone," said Sealy.





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