Columbia Police Patrol On ATVs After Snow

9:25 PM, Jan 29, 2014   |    comments
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Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Anytime snow strikes, Columbia Police's PACE Team has a fleet of 8 ATV's ready to patrol.

"Front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, that's always been a question which is the best to be driven in the snow," said Sergeant Daniel Wesley.  "It's more easier and more efficient for us to get around to find people that may be stuck, trapped in snow or a car that slid off the road down an embankment."

Wesley says the ATV's can go places other rescue vehicles can not and only take minutes to deploy.

"All those vehicles are heavy. They've got some weight to them, and when they start sliding, it becomes a problem, even a police vehicle," Wesley said.  "With these, they are light, they're four wheel drive vehicles, they can climb up hard terrain, it's easy for the officer to be mobile in."

Members of the PACE team also have a list of elderly within Columbia and are calling to make sure they have heat and food.

"There was an incident where we had to deliver food to an elderly individual who didn't have food in his house to eat and he was by himself," Wesley said.

If you'd like to add someone to the list, call Columbia Police at 545-3500.

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