Caught On Tape: Sled Ride Gone Wrong

9:28 AM, Jan 31, 2014   |    comments
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Blythewood, SC (WLTX) - A father and son duo tried to spend their snow day sledding and instead ended up going for a swim.

"There were probably 30 40 kids out there with their parents," said Barrett Boozer.  "We showed up with a kiddie pool, a trash can lid, and a little kiddie boogie board."

Boozer took his son Caleb sledding on a hill inside Longcreek Plantation.  Caleb, 5, hiked up the hill for his third run when his dad captured a major sledding oops on tape.

"I went down the hill and I couldn't stop," Caleb said.  "I used my feet and pulled on the rope and it made it go faster I think."

No breaks and no luck, Caleb's sled went right into the cold lake below the hill.  He spent the first snow day of the year not only sledding, but swimming too.

"I thought everything was great," Barrett said.  "He'd gone twice before and stopped fine so I didn't think there was any concern at all. But for whatever reason, on this run, he kept moving."

Caleb climbed out of the lake on his own.

"I was going to go in the water and thought to hold my breath," Caleb said.

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