Pets Inc. Raising Money To Help A Puppy Walk Again

9:33 PM, Feb 7, 2014   |    comments
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West Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Three month old Dango is a black Lab puppy. 

But unlike most puppies, Dango spends most of his time laying down.  

Dango arrived at Pets Inc. with a severe leg injury. 

Now Pets Inc. is reaching out to the community to help raise funds so that Dango can walk again.  

"He is certainly too young to be in this condition," said Jane Brundage, Co-owner of Pets Inc.

Dango was brought to Pets Inc. earlier this week after his former owner says he broke his leg.

"His leg was actually dangling, we sent him in for x-rays and found out that his leg is extremely injured. Its and extreme injury to the top of his tibia and he is going to have to have a very complicated surgery."

Brundage says that it will cost nearly $3,000 for the surgery and then Dango will have to go through rehabilitation to walk again.

"He's got to depend on us, but we are here for him. We do all that we can for those that come to us, I wish we could help every single one but we do manage to assist about 4,000 animals a year."

Brungage says that they survive off of donations from the community and needs the communities help with Dango.  

And if you are wondering how Dango got his name....  

"We named him "Dango" because his little leg was dangling and we said "oh dang!" He's injured so he's dango."

Dango's surgery will be next week and if you want to donate go here.

"We are in a generous community and I know everyone realizes that but Columbia is a special community and we are very happy that we have the support."

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