Woman Shoots Man Five Times After Rejection; Kills Herself

5:41 PM, Sep 10, 2007   |    comments
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(Columbia) - Less than three months after being shot five times, 41-year-old Dale Wells knows he survived for a reason. "I took five .357 magnums and God spared my life," Wells said. The shooting happened June 19th in the front yard of his home on Munsen Springs Road. The woman pulling the trigger was Well's ex-roommate, Denise Moss. He said she wanted a relationship that he couldn't give her. "She said that if she couldn't have me that no one else could," Wells recalled about the day she moved out. Six months after she left, Wells said conversations were much more cordial. He even spoke with her on the phone moments before he was shot. "We talked for about thirty minutes about nothing. 'How's your day? How's your job?'" Wells recalled. "I'm thinking she's still in New York." Ten minutes later, while taking out the trash, he realized--Moss was steps, not states, away. "I heard 'Dale?' Wells said. "I turned and I looked through the barrell of the gun and she was coming through my neighbor's tree-line and bushes." Wells was shot five times in the upper body before Moss turned the gun on herself. The injuries required fifteen surgeries and a forty-day hospital stay, but the victim believes he survived because his life holds a lesson. "Love doesn't hurt and when a person says 'I wanna kill you'--you don't know what will push a person over the line and make them follow through with that.'"

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