Shooting at Columbia Barber Shop

8:17 AM, Jun 3, 2008   |    comments
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Columbia (WLTX) - Columbia police are investigating a shooting at a Columbia barber shop Monday afternoon, where police say the owner shot a man who came into his store. The shooting happened Monday afternoon at Cole's Barber Shop on Sumter Street. Police say the owner of the shop, Johnny Cole, got into a confrontation with a man who came inside. At some point, police say Cole shot the man in the hand. The subject was then taken to Palmetto Richland Hospital with non life-threatening injuries. Officers have questioned Cole, and so far, no charges have been filed in the case. Next door, Fran Benton, the reception at Mashburn Construction, saw some of the aftermath. "It's been a very busy day and this just added to the chaos," she said of the cop cars that lined the 1800 block of Sumter Street just after two o'clock Monday afternoon. "I was just working on my computer and answering the phone and I saw a gentleman, heavyset gentleman, start walking across the street." What caught Benton's eye was that the man seemed to be leaving Cole's Barber Shop carrying a hat and just one of his shoes and, then, just kept losing layers. "As I saw him cross the street and start taking his shirt off and everything, it got my curiosity up even more, so I walked across the floor here," she explained. From the window Benton witnessed the man wrap his hand in the shirt and approach a couple who called police. "We know an altercation took place between the owner of the barber shop and a person that came in off the street," said Capt. Thomas Dodson. "You have the motive for that altercation, where the gunshot eminated from, it's every early for us to comment on." Cole willingly went with police to explain what happened. "Cole's Barber Shop has been in operation for a long period of time. It's a reputable business. It's an odd set of circumstances," Dodson said. "This is not a random act the best we can tell." While that lended a little relief to Benton, she said she's prepared with a some mace in hand, should she come in contact with a little more excitement than the constant calls from customers. Columbia police spent the rest of the afternoon interviewing witnesses as well as those involved in the shooting. Of course, News19 will continue to keep you updated on this investigation.

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