UPDATE: Butt Injection Victim in Critical Condition

10:47 AM, Feb 10, 2009   |    comments
Sharhonda Lindsay
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Town 'N Country, Florida (10Connects)-- Two women are facing critical injuries following a cosmetic procedure preformed by a woman investigators say was not medically licensed.

The mother of 30-year-old Andrea Lee says her daughter is in critical condition at Town 'N Country Hospital after suffering a severe reaction to a cosmetic procedure to enhance the size and shape of her buttocks.

"She's fighting for her life right now," says Doretha Belnavis, who tells 10 Connects her daughter's kidneys, lungs and other internal organs are not functioning properly.

Sheriff's investigators say a second victim, 33-year-old Zakiya Teagle of Clearwater, also had a life threatening reaction to the procedure, but a hospital spokeswoman would not confirm her condition.

Investigators say 32-year-old Sharhonda Lindsay is the woman suspected of performing the procedure. Lindsay, a former clothing store owner, has no known medical or cosmetology certification in Florida and is now wanted on two counts of performing a medical procedure without a license.

Detectives say the two victims were told they were being injected with a silicone substance called "Hydrogel" and that Lindsay charged Lee $500 for 40 injections and Teagle $250 for 20 injections, all which took place within a period of 90 minutes late on January 29th.

Lee's mother says her daughter started getting extremely ill within several hours and was hospitalized by morning.

"I call it poison, whatever that stuff is they put into her body," Lee's mother said.

Both women remained hospitalized a week and a half after the procedure and Hillsborough County Sheriff's are still looking for the woman who preformed the procedure.

"This might have been some kind of bootleg practice that she had," said Hillsborough Sheriff's Spokesman J.D. Callaway. "We've been told she's done this to other women."

Investigators are asking any other potential victims to come forward, even if they did not experience the same life threatening complications.

Cosmetic surgery expert Dr. Jeffrey Hunt with the Vein Center of Tampa says those who try to save money on medical procedures by using an unlicensed practitioner are taking a huge risk.

"You don't know what impurities are in a substance. You don't know what's injected into you and there are all kinds of complications that can occur, as well as diseases from contamination," says Dr. Hunt.

Lee says her daughter had no idea of the potential risk and is now paying the consequences of Sharhonda Lindsay's actions.

"To me it's attempted murder. She's fighting for her life right now. We're all fighting for her and praying."


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