A Look Inside The Nudist Camp That's Right Down The Road

10:37 PM, May 6, 2010   |    comments
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Pelion, SC (WLTX) -- It seems life revolves around the peanut when you head into the Lexington County town of Pelion.

Maybe you have been to their annual Peanut Party.
Or, perhaps you have seen the giant peanut on a stick that greets you as you drive in.

It could be the acres and acres of peanut farms that give it away.
But be careful, because if you look too closely in Pelion, you are going to find a lot more than just a bag of nuts.

"There are a lot of people in Pelion who don't know we exist," said a woman named Kathy.

Her home is five miles outside of town, down a mile of dirt road, behind a locked gate in a community called Cedar Creek RV Park.
It is a nudist camp.

"Pretty much if you come into my yard you're going to see what you came to see, and that's all of me," Kathy said chuckling.

She is in her 60s, and has wanted to live the nude life since she was a little girl.

She moved to Cedar Creek 10 years ago.

"Ask my mama, I've always been a nudist."

She is not alone here. There are hundreds that come in from across the Midlands, the state and even the country.

"I'm from El Dorado, Michigan," said William, the second nudist we spoke with.

The 67-year-old decided to start swinging by the camp after he retired from a Ford assembly line. Now he hangs out here a couple months a year.

"Everybody's so darned friendly."

He says he loves getting a dose of southern hospitality, and a double dose of southern exposure.

"It's for the friendship. You know, everyone is so equal here. There's no social status, economic status. Everyone is just people," William said.

The camp sits on 50 heavily wooded acres. There is a beautiful, cold, spring fed creek on the backside.

They have two pools. One of the pools is inside and heated with a hot tub next to it.

They have full-time residents, as well as transients who stop by with their RVs and tents.

It is a private club, but always open to new members.

But Lexington County Sheriff James Metts says he is not applying.

"I don't have that kind of body to show off to be honest with ya," Metts said laughing.

"I'm trying to get a little bit worked up in my older days," Metts keeps a set of dumbbells in his office. "But I'm not doing it to take my clothes off in public."

He says there were some complaints from the public when the camp first opened decades ago.

But Metts says he has not had a call or complaint since.

"As long as they're doing what they're doing in a peaceful manner and not violating the law, they have a right to do that."
They have a strict set of club rules.

There is no public display of affection, no flirting... and you have got to bring your own towel.

They say it is just good natured fun, minus the tan lines.

"I've had people ask if it embarrasses me," William said, "And I tell them I'm more embarrassed in my doctor's office when I'm the only one with no clothes on."

"There's none of the pettiness of living in a textile world," Kathy added.

And while these folks say they are a bit different than the rest of us in the "textile world," they insist they are not nuts.

"'Wow, look at that outfit she's wearing,' or 'What is she doing wearing that?'" Kathy mocked. "We don't have any of that here."

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