David Smith, Former Husband of Susan Smith Speaks About the Orangeburg Tragedy

6:36 AM, Aug 20, 2010   |    comments
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David Smith

Spartanburg, SC (WSPA)-- David Smith, the former husband of convicted killer, Susan Smith sat down for a rare interview with WSPA-TV.

He's talking about what he says everyone should take from this most recent child death tragedy in Orangeburg, and how it's put the Susan Smith Case back in the spotlight.

It's been sixteen years since Susan Smith drowned her sons, Michael and Alex. The boy's bodies were found lifeless inside her car in John D. Long Lake in Union County.

Investigators say she rolled her car into the lake, and claimed someone kidnapped the 3-year-old and 14-month-old children.

Nine days after her car was pulled from the water, she confessed to the crime.

Smith told reporters, he doesn't think of Susan Smith often, but she does cross his mind from time to time.

However, he does say he thinks about his boys everyday, and it's especially hard around birthdays and anniversaries.

The Smith case is back in the spotlight, after 29 year old Shaquan Duley admitted to sufficating her boys, strapping them in a carseat, and driving it into the Edisto River.

Smith says the family is probably in a state of shock because it took him months before the realization of his sons' deaths hit him.

"People often focus on the mother's in these cases, ..do we lose sight of the real victims here? Sometimes I feel we do." says Smith. " In my case with my ex - wife, Susan, everybody was focusing all the attention on her and I always felt that most of the time, Michael and Alex got left behind.", Smith says.

As of now, Smith says life's great for him. He's moved on, remarried, and has young children.

Smith says, "Michael would be 18, Alex would have been 16. I think what I want people to remember, they weren't so much faces. These were little boys who breathed in and out, like you and I. They were the ones who paid the ultimate price for what she did.

Susan Smith is currently serving a life sentence in prison in Greenwood County. According to the South Carolina Department of Corrections, she could be eligable for parole in 2024.

David Smith says he will fight it.















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