Powerball Winner Solomon Jackson Jr. Breaks Ground on Latest Gift

8:31 PM, Sep 14, 2010   |    comments
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  • Solomon Jackson Jr.

Sumter, SC (WLTX) -- With great blessings can come great responsibility.  Reverend Dr. Solomon Jackson, Jr. won the lottery in 2009, and he turned over the winning, and the blessings, for others.

Jackson has given Morris College the largest donation they have ever received from a single person: $10 million. Monday, he helped break ground on a new building on campus.

"I realize that the position that I'm in comes the good and the bad, but I promise to be led by God and if I'm led by God, I can't forget those who led me to where I am," he said.  "Morris College will always and forever be a part of my life."

Jackson's generosity has put new buildings on the campus, and it has purchased new equipment such as a bus.  A building will now stand at the site of Tuesday's groundbreaking, with new offices and a place to store maintenance equipment and vehicles.

"It's good to be in this position, what I have to precaution and be aware of is that there are other vultures and if I let them keep gnawing at me, they will try to turn my blessing into a curse," Jackson says. "I refuse that and I hope they get the message.  Don't get mad at me because the Lord has blessed me.  Morris College will be blessed."

The building will be called the Solomon Jackson, Sr., William McKinley Bowman, Sr., Raymond Carolina Physical Plant, named after Jackson's father and two men who served as spiritual mentors to him. 

"My father will always be cherished in my heart, he taught me everything that I know, even pushing a lawnmower when it was dull and he had to work to feed all of us," he said.

Morris College President Dr. Luns C. Richardson said that numerous generations of students and staff will be able to enjoy the gifts that Jackson has given.

"Our maintenance staff and buildings and grounds workers will have a decent place to plan and work out of," he said.  "We haven't stopped smiling yet."

Jackson says it is a thrill to help generations of students and staff for decades to come.

"For everything I do I try to acknowledge God, for where He leads me, there I will go," Jackson said.

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