Lexington Road About To Reopen After The October Flood

Lexington county dam to open next year

Lexington County, SC (WLTX)- Almost a year after the floods there's still 23 roads closed due to dam failures back in the October flood.

Devils Backbone Road in Lexington County sits right above a privately owned dam that's adjacent to what used to be a pond. After the dam washed out in October the owner decided to permanently abandon it, allowing the Department of Transportation to  come in and repair the road.  

It's been under construction for a couple weeks now and is scheduled to re-open by September 30th.

Behind the barricade and behind the noise of the construction, is the empty bed of land that used to be full of water, fishes and most importantly full of childhood memories for Ashley Carder.

He's called this place home since 1957 and says the Barr Pond has been there since he was a kid, "where those little poles are there used to be a swimming area and a building over there with a jump box and concessions that was back in 1964" he says, "I use to go swimming and this is the first place I ever went swimming."

He's certainly going to miss the serenity of the water but says he can't wait for the construction to be over. 

According to another resident, Janet Saunders, it's taken quite some time for folks to get used to the road being closed and it's probably going to take just as long when it's reopened. 

Janet Saunders told News19 not long ago a family from Texas who grew up by the pond came by to see it, they lucked out because it was days before it was drained.
SCDOT says there's only one other road that they know of, planning to permanently abandon. 


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