Boy Hit By Tree Leaves Hospital

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Last weekend, five children were taken to the hospital when a tree in the yard they were playing, fell on top of them.

Tyrone Mincey, 11, was playing with his friends when a large tree fell on top of him. He says he heard the tree snap and then did something incredible.

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Tyrone Mincey has to be carried by his dad from the car to his bed after arriving home from the hospital.

"I want the people to know that I am strong and healthy," said the healing boy. "It felt like my back was broken, but it wasn't."

Mincey won't admit he's a hero, but he is. He and his friends were about to play baseball when he heard an unforgettable sound.

"As soon as I turned around I heard a cracking noise then it fell on me. I was protecting my head and bending down but the tree was so hard," said Mincey.

His mother, Lawana Mincey, said she heard the apartment shake when the tree fell.

"It just scared me so bad I just ran outside to see where my kids were."

She came outside out to find her son underneath the tree. "He was talking to me because I was yelling to him, Tyrone! Tyrone! He was still responding but he was crying and moving from side to side," said Mincey.

The tree knocked down a power line andthat's when neighbors stepped into help.

"The neighbors dragged me away from it so I wouldn't get shocked," said the 11-year-old.

Tyrone was playing next to his six year old brother before it fell, but thanks to some quick thinking, it hit him instead of his younger brother.

"I pushed Tyree away then he fell down then started running. If I hadn't pushed him out of the way he probably would have had a huge stick through his head," said Mincey.

He's a strong and brave young man who says he's ready to put the accident behind him and get back to playing with his friends and his mother agrees.

"Yeah he's a hero. If he pushed his brother out of the way like he says he's definitely a hero," said Lawana Mincey. "That's a serious thing for a tree to fall on a little boy."

Doctors tell the family Tyrone will make a full recovery in a few weeks. Amazingly he didn't have any broken bones just a blood clot on top of a muscle on his back that is causing him some pain.

Columbia Fire Chief Aubrey Jenkins believes high winds caused the tree to tip over. According to Mincey's father George, another child has surgery Tuesday on a broken leg.


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