Kershaw Deputies Warn Residents of Pressure Washing Scam

Spring may mean more work on your home. But, make sure people are hired to clean up and you're not getting cleaned out.

"If you haven't invited them there to do the work, tell them to take a hike," Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews said.

Sheriff Jim Matthews has seen this type of scam many different ways, this time it's pressure washing.

"The guy said he wanted to pressure wash his house. The homeowner said that he just bought a pressure washer, he was going to do it himself, so the man said,' Well I want to see your pressure washer,'" Matthews said.

Matthews said that's when the plan moves into action.

"The guy in the van went in the house, rifled through the house, and stole an undetermined amount of money from the house," he said.

So far this is the only documented incident. But the Kershaw County Sheriff's Office still needs help finding the two men.

And has these tips if they come knocking on your door.

"You can be polite, but be assertive. And say, 'No, thank you. We have somebody who does that for us already,'" Matthews said. "If you can, without compromising your own safety, get a good description of the person and get a description of the vehicle, because they've used different vehicles and if possible, get a tag number."

Matthews alerted the community through Facebook and it has over 200 shares.

He hopes this doesn't happen to anyone again.

" When I hear these things, I put it out for the public, I put it on Facebook. People need to be aware of it. " Matthews said. "The word gets out that people need to be careful," Matthews said.


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