Owner To Fix Dam After Lexington Road Blocked

A dam washout in Lexington county puts a school bus route at risk

Lexington County, SC (WLTX)- A well traveled road is blocked off in Lexington County after another round of heavy rain. A communication mishap had the dam reconstruction halted since the October floods.

Every time it rains, the water builds up on the dam off Pine Cone Drive in Lexington County. Ever since the October floods, Richard Stoudemire says it builds up higher and higher. 

"A car came by and it sunk about 3 inches and that's when SCDOT put this cone over it and said we cannot have school buses come through here and that's when he called to get barricades up" explained Stoudemire. 

He and his neighbors have done everything they thought they needed to do, "I know there's been at least two work orders filled out to get that fixed. In the meantime, my neighbor has gone in and piled dirt but he's done what he could do."

As it turns out, the sinkhole is associated with the pond and it's the responsibility of the pond owner to repair it but they were never notified of that until today.

"This may have fallen off the radar… there's not a good answer to that" said Mike Bagley, engineer with SCDOT.

SCDOT met News19 and Stoudemire by the dam. There Mike explained who had ownership of the lake and said they'd take care of their part of the problem this week. The pond owner told SCDOT he would fix his as well.

Meanwhile Stoudemire is going to help maintain what he can because he says this issue affects the entire community.

"School buses do use this road and that's one of the main things we're worried about is a school bus running in there and the road collapsing under them and that's when the children get hurt that's what we worry about" said Stoudemire. 

There's 5 other roads that are closed off since the floods in Lexington County, all of them are waiting on something to happen with the dam, like this case.
Richland County is the county with the most dam failures, 11 still need to be fixed.



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