Golden Apple Award: Caroline Carson

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Bright, colorful and happy are all words that a Midlandsteacher uses to describe art to her students. However, her personality and influence in the classroom are just as vibrant as the art itself.

They're words that would be music to any parent's ears when their children describe school.

"It's just fun really! I can't really explain it," said 3rd grader Hudson Stewart.

"I think this classroom is just so cool!" adds his classmate Mary-Kat Stricklin.

But when you have a teacher as excited about her job as Caroline Carson, it's no wonder "cool" and "fun" are used freely.

"I got my dream job which is teaching art," Carson shares.

Mrs. Caroline Carson is an art education teacher at Rosewood Elementary and when News19 received the Golden Apple nomination form we wanted to meet her.

The form explained that Carson incorporates math, reading, writing, science and social studies into her art lessons. It'sa practice that comes naturally as Carson was a general 4th grade teacher for years.

"I was first a teacher so I understand their needs, their abilities, their strengths and weaknesses," Carson explained, "and so if I see a weakness in a math concept in art, then I can assume that it's also a weakness in math."

She even takes the time to work breakfast duty in the mornings making sure no child starts the day with an empty tummy.

"It's just a great way to start the day; helping kids, feeding them... it's kind of a mother thing."

That "mother thing" adds to her students' joy like Mary-Kat Stricklin.

"I don't feel any pressure because this classroom is just so neat and stuff," Stricklin said. "She makes me want to be a teacher because teachers are fun and they help kids learn new things and kids can't grow up without an education."

If you know of a teacher you feel is deserving of this award, head to any Midlands Bi-Lo and fill out a Golden Apple nomination form.


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