Group Giving Out Gun Locks on the Heels of Tragedy

Gaston, SC (WLTX) -- The family of a 7-year-old girl that was shot and killed at a birthday party about two weeks ago is still struggling to come to terms with their loss.

A group is trying to help them by keeping another tragedy like the one they are faced with from happening.

After Juliet Lynch was killed, Lexington County Sheriff, James Metts, said a gun lock may have saved her life. Meanwhile, Lynch's family is still grappling with questions.

Her parents, Pricilla and Corey Salley, were with her during her last moments.

"I don't understand why there was a gun there," Juliet's mother, Pricilla Salley said. "That's what I don't understand."

"I'm pretty much still getting flashbacks," Corey Salley said.

Juliet leaves behind a twin sister and six siblings, a hole toughest to fill at night.

"She would come in my room about 2 o'clock in the morning (and say) 'Mom, can I get in the bed with you?'"

So knowing Juliet's life could have been saved if a gun lock was on the rifle isn't easy.

"At least let someone know that's there, that way we would know that's there, (and) protect everybody," Mrs. Salley said.

Gun safety is the reason Jack Logan, President and Founder of "Put Down the Guns, Young People," a Greenville County organization, decided to pitch in. He said he founded the group for one reason.

The need, he says, is gun-safety.

"We're going to focus first in one spot and we're going to travel the entire state because I saw a need."

Logan said when he heard about Juliet, he decided passing out gun locks in the family's neighborhood was the best way he could help.

He's made similar trips across the state.

"We have put a lot of miles on my car traveling around the state, but again, we've enjoyed every second," Logan said.

Whenever he has time outside of work, he hands out gun locks, Logan said. He said the group handed out 600 locks in Greenville County just last week, and said they often go into tough neighborhoods, something he says everyone is receptive to.

"Their response to us, the ones that we may think that may have a gun that's not registered, a gun illegal, they'll say that's what's up when we give them our line about protecting a child."

Walking down the same street where Juliet Lynch spent her last moments, he knows he's helping to keep another parent from experiencing pain the Salley's have lived, and they know they are helping to continue her memory.

"She was the greatest, and I miss her deeply," Pricilla Salley said.

The ATF is still investigating.

No charges have yet been filed.


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