Lawmakers Speak Out On SCDOR Security Breach

Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- News19 has learned information that the Department of Revenue was not using a monitoring system that was offered to protect state agencies.

October 10th is the day the Department of Revenue was informed by DSIT, The South Carolina Department of Information Technology, of a cyber attack involving the personal information of taxpayers.

News19 was told by DSITFriday they were not asked to monitor the systems where the breached data was housed and only began full monitoring of their systems on October 20th.

The Department of Revenue says credit card companies require them to be Payment Card Industry compliant.

In a statementto News19 the Revenue Department's spokesperson Samantha Cheek says,

"The Department of Revenue used TrustWave, one of the world's leading information technology and data security firms, because the department, as with any entity handling credit card information, is required to be PCI compliant by the world's major credit card companies to safeguard financial information. DSIT, while a wonderful program, does not provide PCI compliance, and therefore the department was required to use a third-party vendor such as TrustWave."

We know by now this is a story that effects millions of South Carolinians. Since we brokethe story we've been asking our congressmen about the hacking.

Fridaywe heard from several of them about where we go from here.

"I am so disappointed because we are all victims," Congressman Joe Wilson tells News19 that after the security breach at the Department of Revenue, he believes every state, county, and municipality should be looking at better ways to protect data networks

"This is not just an issue of fiscal and financial security, it's national security," Wilson says he wants to take the issue to the house floor to help send a a message to future hackers.

"I want to make every effort to help law enforcement go after people who have really violated the households and businesses of our state."

Congressman Clyburn sent News19 this statement in response to the data breach:

"I am deeply concerned about the cyber attack that left nearly every South Carolina family vulnerable to identity theft. Both state and federal authorities are investigating the breach, and I must rely on Governor Haley's assurances that appropriate measures have been taken to ensure such a breach doesn't happen again. The next step is to find those responsible and hold them accountable."

Senator Lindsey Graham said this morning that he has been working with other Senators to create a cyber security bill that will protect government networks.

"My biggest fear, is not that the Iranians will put a nuclear weapon on top of a missile and hit us any time soon, my biggest fear is that Iran or other terrorist groups will take down the power grid and hurt America tremendously."

One of the world's leading cyber security experts said today that information from a hacking incident like the one is usually sold quickly on the Internet black market.


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