Lillian McBride Now Director of Voter Registration

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Many are wondering, why and how is Lillian McBride back in a leadership position.

Members of the Richland County Legislative Delegation say this was not their doing, but the result of a judge's ruling.

"Today's news is a slap in the face to every voter in Richland County. To those who stood in line for seven hours in 2012 will have no faith come November and that their election will be good," said SC GOP Chairman Matt Moore.

Moore and others are upset after hearing that the woman who many blame for the 2012 election debacle, is in a new leadership position.

Last year, a judge ruled that combining the Richland County Election Commission Board with the Voter Registration Board was unconstitutional.

Now there are two boards and the registration boards leadership goes back to who was in charge before the merger; which is Lillian McBride.

"If there is anyone who had any trust in Richland County Elections before today, I find it hard to believe that they have trust in it after hearing today's news."

Richland County Legislative Delegation member, Representative James Smith says this decision was a result of a lawsuit, not the delegations doing.

"I understand people's concerns but when they look into the details, nobody appointed her to anything and it shouldn't be about Lillian McBride, it's about moving forward with a new board of leadership," said Rep. James Smith.

Moore says that the delegation needs to make a change to the board before the June primary.

"We deserve better than this and I call on the delegation in Richland County to fix this issue and fix the problems in Richland County."

Smith says they are already taking applications to fill positions on the new board and voters should be patient and have confidence that lawmakers will make the right decision.

"This is part of an interim event, during a transition period."

Smith says it is important to note that McBride's position will have nothing to do with the election process; only the registration of voters.

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SLED tells News 19 they have recently met with Jackson, and received a request by the 5th Circuit Solicitor a short time ago requesting SLED investigate.

Original Story:

Lillian McBride has once again been named Director of Voter Registration for Richland County. McBride was the Executive Director of the Richland County Elections and Voter Registration in 2012 when a series of missteps led to huge lines and hours-long wait times for voters in the 2012 Presidential Elections.

McBride issued her resignation as the Richland County Election Director on January 4th, effective January 12th of 2013, after public outcry over the general election debacle.

Before McBride's resignation even took effect, the County Elections Board recommended her for another opening on the board, placing her in charge of Voter Registration and Absentee Voting for Richland County.

Today McBride was restored to one of her prior positions, named Director of the Richland County Board of Voter Registration. This follows the split of the Voter Registration Board from the county's Election Commission. A court ordered that split after a lawsuit challenged the merger of the two departments.

State Representative James Smith tells News19 that because of the lawsuit, and the way state law is written, the position had to be given to McBride who was the last person to serve as Director of Voter Registration.

Samuel Selph will continue to serve as Interim Director of Richland County's Election Commission.


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