100 Year Old Sumter Icon Frozen in Time

Sumter, SC (WLTX) - For more than 100 years, the clock tower at the Opera House in Sumter has told citizens the time, but lately its only told one time.

Time waits for no man. No matter how hard you try; it keeps going whether you want it to or not.. But for the first time in nearly a century a Sumter icon is frozen in time.

"Stuck at 12:00PM, midday when everything is happening downtown," said Sumter Development Manager Howie Owens.

The clock on top of the historic Opera House has been telling the time and greeting those downtown since 1894; but for nearly a month, its bell has not rang.

"We realized the clock tower was broken when it was ringing at irregular hours. We found at 1:00 it rang 12 times, so it didn't quite coincide with the time and that made us put a work order in."

Now, the clock is right only twice a day; once at midnight and once at noon. Surprisingly Owens says not many residents have noticed...But pretty soon it will be back up and running.

"Sumter machinery one of our local businesses had to make the part. As you could imagine the clock is more than 100 years old so the parts are not readily available like some, so they machined the part, the part is in and to my knowledge."

A sound that some have heard for years growing up, will once again fill the air in downtown Sumter.


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