Both Sides Rest in Ex SC State Chair's Trial

Columbia, SC - Both sides have rested in the trial of a former South Carolina State University board chairman.

Jonathan Pinson is accused of racketeering and fraud, as well as trying to get the university to buy land from a Florida developer in exchange for a Porsche SUV for himself.

The prosecution rested its case Thursday morning. Moments later, the defense announced it would present no witnesses as well, meaning Pinson will not take the stand in his own defense.

Defense attorneys did ask the judge to dismiss the charges against Pinson.

Defense lawyers argued some of the charges should be dismissed because prosecutors listed him as a public official, which they argue he's not. Prosecutors, though, say since Pinson was elected by the South Carolina lawmakers to his former job, he fits the definition of a public official.

However, the judge ultimately decided to only strike two of the charges and cited the definition of a public official according to Black's Law Dictionary.

Two counts were also withdrawn, so the jury will have to decide on 48 counts after they listen to a 79-page document of the charges.

Closing arguments in the case are expected to begin Friday.


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