Columbia Movie Theater Begins Alcohol License Process

The Regal Cinemas on Bower Parkway has started the process of applying for a license to serve alcohol to moviegoers over the age of 21.

In order to even apply for the license itself, the South Carolina Department of Revenue says they need to advertise their intent for at least three weeks -- and it's already been posted in the local newspaper.

Next, SLED has to perform a background check and hang a visible sign on the theater's doors explaining what the business plans to do.

Regal Cinemas Columbiana will also have to submit certain fees depending on the license they're applying for.

Those are just some of the legalities the theater has to go through in order to be considered -- but on top of that, the license also has to sit well with surrounding businesses who can protest the application at any point.

"If they protest the application then there are procedures that must be followed," said Jean Funches with the S.C. Department of Revenue. "The agency must notify the applicant that there are protests and they have a certain amount of time to respond to the protest. Then the protester has an opportunity to come to a hearing."

If a hearing is held, both sides will have a chance to make their case before the Department of Revenue decides to grant the alcohol license or not.

The application clearly states it takes up to eight weeks or more to process, so even if they do complete all of the necessary procedures, it will be a few months before you can enjoy that drink at the movies.


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