Dave Navarro Issues Statement Reacting to "Black Ops"

Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- Former Columbia Police Captain Dave Navarro's attorney issued a statement reacting to the decision not to file charges relating to Navarro's claims of a "Black Ops" mission to plant drugs on a public official in order to get him fired.

Navarro claimed Interim Chief Ruben Santiago asked him to frame one of the assistant city manager's so police chief Randy Scott could be promoted to that position.

13th Circuit Solicitor Walt Wilkins reviewed the SLED investigation and announced last week that investigators did not uncover anything criminal.

Tuesday Glenn Walters, Navarro's attorney, issued a statement responding to the solicitor's decision. The statement says the investigative findings did not leave just one victor. It reads, "For example, Mr. Navarro gave a sworn statement alleging corruption against Mr. Santiago. If he had given a false statement, wouldn't he have been charged with subornation of perjury? He wasn't. You heard the Solicitor, there was no evidence to charge anyone, and anyone includes Dave Navarro."

Walters also says the excerpts of taped conversations between Santiago and Navarro support his claims of a Black Ops" mission. Walters points to several sections of the call where he says the two were discussing the plans to plant drugs and guns. The first is the following conversation about getting Scott promoted to assistant city manager, a job that was not open.

SANTIAGO: "You know all of my plans that I've been doing to try to get him promoted--Randy."

NAVARRO: "I understand all that."

SANTIAGO: When he gets promoted, then we all move up. This is just--when he mentioned that you needed to move, then I said you know what? We've been we've been talking about it for a few months anyway."

Another section discusses Navarro's assignment to a new region within the city. Walters argues that Santiago spoke in the recordings about how the reassignment played a part in the plan.

SANTIAGO: "In my mind, what I'm thinking is Dave can go there -- it's laid back. We can really start really making this [expletive] happen; behind the scene [expletive] that we really want happen--make it happen."

SANTIAGO: "There is no sound solution to make everyone happy on this, but at least you went to West Region--because we don't have a timetable on this."

Navarro is suing the City of Columbia for firing him. His lawyers claim he was fired after he came forward reported Santiago's plans.

Santiago has denied those allegations.


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