Donor, Sheriff Helps Keep Residents Cool

Bishopville, SC (WLTX) - With the extreme heat we saw in the Midlands on Friday, there are some in rural towns like Bishopville without air conditioners in their homes.

"He said that he would donate up to 20 AC units for needy families to try and beat this heat because he knew it would be hot this week," said Lee County Sheriff Daniel Simon.

Simon got a call from a man who wants to remain anonymous to help cool off some residents in Bishopville.

That care for others inspired Simon to do something as well.

"My heart kind of got weak also so I said that I would do something and bought 15 box fans."

Simon got a list of names from several agencies in the county and delivered each AC unit himself this week.

98 year old Rose Lee Frierson has been trying to do her best to stay cool.

"Its been hot I know but the dear Lord has got me this far with it," said Frierson.

She says she would never expect to see her Sheriff at her door helping with something as simple yet essential during this time of the year.

"I was surprised and I thank the Lord for it."

"Sometimes you go to scenes and it's not so pleasant, but these are the best times when you have done something to bring joy into someone's life," said Simon.

At our next stop we met Evelyn Brown, her AC broke last month and for her; sitting on the porch is cooler than sitting in her home.

"I want to thank you Mr. Simon, for bring this out to me and I will get it in the window so I can stay cool," said Brown.

But Sheriff Simon doesn't want to take credit for delivering the AC units.. he says its all because an anonymous person cared for others.

"He did something because he wanted to give back and it wasn't about the fame and glory, it was about helping your fellow man and that's what he did "


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