Dorn VA Investigating Medical Record Mixup

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - A Columbia veteran contacted News19 asking for help after the VA mailed him someone else's medical information.

"This is the second time in as many months that I've received someone else's medical records," said Frank Boyd, who served both in the Army and Air Force a combined 22 years.

Now in retirement, Boyd has been to Dorn before, but his most recent encounter with the VA caused a concern.

In the mail, he received medical records detailing a claim made by a fellow veteran. The document does not list a Social Security number but does include a home address, partial medical history, and an identifying case number.

"Basically it's not something that is pursuant to me, so I don't need to know this individuals records or health problems," Boyd said.

He called us for help contacting the hospital and the man whose records were mailed in error.

"I don't think I was surprised because you know it's happened to many other people receiving records and other documents from the VA," Boyd said.

We took the problem to the VA who says they're trying to figure out where the mix up happened and committed over the phone to correct any problems.

"With medical records, if it's not Joe Blow, you're wrong. And if it's somebody else, you're still wrong," Boyd said. "So you've got to double check your work."


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