Lee's Review: "Ender's Game"

(WLTX) - In a world covered in Formics, the human race looks to a new generation for leadership. Apparently, Andrew Wiggin (more commonly referred to as "Ender"), is the kid with all the goods. Having an older brother that was too violent and an older sister that was too nurturing, he possesses the proper amount of each. It's almost as if he was genetically created to save humanity!

In Battle School, his observations and strategies never cease to amaze Colonel Hyrum Graff. He hasn't witnessed this kind of brilliance since Mazer Rackham! But Ender also has a conscience. Will it get in the way of what he was born to do? And how many games must be played before it all turns real?

"Ender's Game" is clearly the dream of every ten-year-old boy - but it aims to connect on an adult level. This only makes the movie sillier. It seems as if a more "Disney-esque" approach would result in broader appeal while not alienating the core audience. And, since the trend is in full-bloom, I can't understand why this film wasn't done in 3D. It's practically a two-hour videogame as it is! Missed opportunity, Hollywood.

Despite the fact that it wasn't all I had hoped for, "Ender's Game" could be a hit with kids twelve and under. Ironically, the movie is rated PG-13. I have no doubt, it will make decent money this weekend. But, this time next week, we'll be welcoming "Thor: The Dark World"...and it will be GAME OVER for this little fantasy.

By Lee O. Smith, News19 Movie Reviewer


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