Lee's Review: "Getaway"

(WLTX) - Brent Magna is a former racecar driver who is now racing to save his wife in "Getaway." She's being held hostage by a supervillain who has provided Brent with the car he's currently endangering hundreds of lives with. It's loaded with cameras, microphones and it's former owner, Selena Gomez. She's a banker's daughter who likes fast cars and computers. Did I mention that all this hazardous driving is taking place in Bulgaria?

Whenever a film revolves around high-speed chases, reason and plausibility often take a backseat. In this movie, they are thrown from the vehicle and mutilated in the wreckage! But the real deal-breaker is that, despite all the non-stop action, the whole thing is mind-numbingly dull. It tries so hard to be "fast and furious" that it winds up being "tired and tedious."

As the villain, we hardly ever see Jon Voight's face. I'm guessing he was the only one to read the script ahead of time. For everyone else involved, I'm sure they're hoping that people think it's another remake of the 1972 Steve McQueen film. It's obviously not. But don't think of "Getaway" as a title. Consider it more of a suggestion.

By Lee O. Smith, News19 Movie Reviewer


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