Lee's Review: "The Counselor"

(WLTX) - Michael Fassbender plays a "Counselor" - with some very crooked clients. It's only natural. In his practice, the best only deal with the worst. But, when he chooses to become partners in their dirty business, he discovers just how rotten they can be. Yet, they all give him cautionary tales about women. Not too encouraging for a man who just got engaged.

For an adult thriller, "The Counselor" has most of the bases covered. There's sex, violence and strong dialogue among an all-star cast of heavy-hitting actors. But the story's conclusion lacks any satisfying closure. My apologies if that's viewed as a spoiler. However, anyone familiar with the writing of Cormac McCarthy will recognize (and probably anticipate) the theme of reluctant acceptance.

I won't say "The Counselor" should be completely avoided. It will probably make for a decent rental down the road. But it's nothing worth losing your head over. For now, we'll just keep waiting for Ridley Scott's return to form.

By Lee O. Smith, News19 Movie Reviewer


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