Lee's Review: "The Lone Ranger"

(WLTX) - An American staple gets a comedic makeover for Uncle Sam's Birthday! But, did it really happen this way? Or is this all just the ramblings of a warped old man?

As a young lawyer, looking toward a more prosperous future, John Reid is a distinguished man. He fights for justice in court and his brother, Dan, fights for it on the frontier. However, according to the mysterious Indian and a spirit horse, this attorney is incapable of being killed. And, once he discovers how corrupt the system is, becoming an outlaw seems to be the only way to do what's right!

The framing device of the film makes the larger-than-life action somewhat acceptable. And, to no one's surprise, it's all quite the custom fit for Executive Producer Johnny Depp's signature silent-film slapstick.

I suppose the two leads had some good comedic chemistry - but, at no point, did they ever come across as trusting friends. Then again, there's not much funny about that. Bickering, while staring death in the face, keeps it light and silly.

I was always a fan of the old Clayton Moore TV show. But I never realized how much a fan I was of the old running time! Yes, I often complain about wanting twenty minutes less when I go to the theatre. However, in this case, I'm gonna say forty-five.

Fortunately, it's no "Wild, Wild West" - but it's still a far cry from the hero we've come to know. Best to stay clear of the gunfire.

By Lee O. Smith, News19 Movie Reviewer


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