Lee's Review: "Turbo"

(WLTX) - Garden snails aren't exactly known for their swiftness, but Theo just wants to "NASCAR-GO!" Okay, technically, his goal is the Indy 500 - but the pun was too good to ignore. Anyway, his older brother, Chet, unsuccessfully tries to encourage more practical aspirations. Then, through an unusual drag-racing encounter, Theo suddenly inherits the superspeed he's always longed for (as well as a few humorous side-effects). Now, all he needs is a new amigo and sponsor to make his dreams come true!

The most ironic thing about this movie was that I really enjoyed the moments that had nothing to do with racing. The hum-drum life of the snails was presented as clever and creative. And, whenever the crows came around, it became morbidly hysterical! But having a snail race in the Indy 500 was just too preposterous for me. Had the goal been a little more attainable, perhaps it would have some of the richness of "A Bug's Life." Instead, it's a rather forgetful shot of adrenaline...like "Cars 2."

Not calling it a bad movie. But there's definitely a select audience that didn't include me. All youngsters who like to go fast and furious should race on down to see it! Everynone else is encouraged to take a detour.

By Lee O. Smith, News19 Movie Reviewer


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