Good Samaritans Rescue Woman, Dog From House Fire

Columbia, SC (WTLX) - Not one, but two good samaritans did the right thing and for that reason, this story has a good ending.

"I was driving by and saw a small fire," said Rico Martinez. "It was real little at the time."

Before the sounds of sirens or flashes of red, Martinez decided to be more than a passer by.

"Scariest moment of my life," Martinez said. "It was nerve racking to say the least. It could have blown up. It could have done anything."

As the fire grew, and with help still not on scene, Martinez flagged another man down to help.

"He hollered at me and told me there was a fire and I looked and the fire was burning you know, starting to come up the wall," said Vernon Mullins who stopped.

Behind the wall, now engulfed in flames, not one, but two needed saving.

"So I grabbed the rake that was laying over here in the yard and knocked the door open," Mullins said. "Pushed it back so it would block the heat some. She come to the door and said she couldn't get out and I got her. Got a hold of her."

Emergency crews now at the home, one patient was headed to the hospital.

The second was laying in the yard, collar on, panting.

The family dog just escaped the house now considered a total loss.

"We are investigating to try and determine the cause at this time," said Columbia Fire Department spokesman Brick Lewis. "I don't have a dollar amount."

Investigators had still not released a cause of the fire late Friday.

"Just doing what you can do," Mullins said. "You've got to help if you can."


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