How You and Your Pets Can Beat The Heat

With temperatures expected to hit triple digits soon, here are some tips to keep you healthy in the high heat.

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The official start of summer is June 21st, but people in the Midlands are already feeling the high temperatures.

By the weekend, temperatures could reach the triple digits.

"Here in South Carolina it's just humid and crazy hot," says Deandra Rodgers, Columbia resident.

Rodgers was out with her children enjoying one of Columbia's splash parks early Thursday afternoon. She says when she's out in the heat she makes sure to stay hydrated.

"Water, and no juice whatsoever," says Rodgers. "We stay using sun screen and just try to stay in the shade or in the water."

"I thought this was going to be it because it's pretty hot already," says Deanna Kupselaitis, who just moved from Pennsylvania.

She's already shocked by the heat and is looking for ways to stay cool.

"We've been coming to all of the splash pads and we have a pool at our place so we've been using that too," says Kupselaitis.

Dr. Steve Shelton with Palmetto Health says staying hydrated is the key to preventing heat related injuries.

"Remain hydrated with liquids that are not caffeinated and not alcoholic, so it's important that you drink cool liquids to cool yourself off," says Dr. Shelton. "Also it's important to wear appropriate clothing."

Dr. Shelton says if possible, stay inside to help prevent heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

"Heat exhaustion is that early onset where you start to feel really sweaty, your skin feels kind of cool, you may be nauseated or dizzy," says Dr. Shelton. "That's the early sign that you are having a heat injury and you need to respond promptly then by drinking the cool liquids and finding a nice environment to be."

"If you do progress to heat stroke that is a life threatening emergency."

Dr Shelton says with heat stroke, your body stops cooling itself, you stop sweating, and you may become confused.

For Dr. Walter Gregg with Gregg Animal Hospital, he says during the summer months we can't forget about our furry friends.

"If you can get them out early in the morning when the humidity is low, the concrete is cool, that's a much better time to take them for walks than the afternoon," says Dr. Gregg.

Your pets also need to stay hydrated.

"It's a really good idea to have a squirt bottle and squirt water in their mouths, because it's a great way for them to cool themselves." says Dr. Gregg.

Also, as the temperatures rise he says the use of anti freeze is more common. It's important to keep that away from your pets.

"It's sweet, it tastes good to them, they're attracted to it, so you want to make sure that you wipe up, rinse out any kind of antifreeze spills," says Dr. Gregg. "That's a hugely dangerous thing in the summer time."


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