Lexington County Dog Rescued from Coyote Trap Doing Well

A dog, now named Heromine, was rescued by a California group Hope for Paws and is now recovering

COLUMBIA, SC (WLTX) - A recent Facebook video of a Lexington County dog with its paw stuck in a coyote trap went viral in hours. A week later the dog rescued by a California-based nonprofit is recovering nicely, according to Hope for Paws volunteer Eldad Hagar.

The dog, now named Hermione, has had a handful of surgeries since her rescue. Happily, her leg was saved and she continues to recover, says Hagar. 

While grateful for a happy ending, Hagar admits he wasn't always sure it would end up that way. "It was probably the most stressful rescue" he says.

Hope For Paws rescues animals who are suffering, facing death or extreme danger that nobody else is able to save. After being sent a video of the dog caught in the coyote, the organization posted the video to its Facebook page in an effort to spread word and seek assistance with rescuing the dog. 



Hope for Paws volunteers Eldad Hagar and Loreta Frankontye knew they needed to get from California to South Carolina as quickly as they could. "I knew that if she wasn't going to be rescued in the next few days, she would die from the infection," said Hagar. Within hours, Hagar and Frankonyte jumped on a red eye flight.

"When we arrived, she was just laying there. We brought food and she started coming up to me, but still not close enough for me to grab her," said Frankonyte. But after gaining Hermione's trust, Hagar and Frankonye were able to capture Hermione, with the help from volunteers.

"We deployed soccer nets and created a 200-foot soccer net, all connected. I gave the volunteers quick instructions, and then everyone ran and surrounded the area where she was," said Hagar. "This whole process took 37 seconds. It was pretty amazing." 

Lexington County Animal Control continues their investigation into how Hermione was snared in the trap.

As for Hermione, she continues to recuperate with her rescuers out in sunny California. Once she finishes her recovery, Hagar said they will be putting her up for adoption.















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