Man Who Served His Country, Now Served By Community

Family moves back home after house is repaired after the October flood

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - There are still many houses left gutted and uninhabitable because of last October's flood.  Almost a year later, one family here in the midlands has finally made it back home. Joseph Henry, the homeowner, is a disabled veteran who could not fix the house by himself.

"I have to walk with a walking cane," Henry said.

A cane that Henry made using wood from a tree.
"I sanded it, garnished it, and touched it up myself," Henry said.
 After serving in the army for over 10 years Henry injured his back doing construction work.
"He tries his best to do everything still now, but we know he can't do but so much," said Priscilla Henry, Joseph's wife.
So when the October floods left their home in moldy, hazardous conditions, there was not much the two could do.
"With him being disabled and me working by myself, I knew that we were stuck," Priscilla said.
For this couple, it was not the chimney, the stoop, or the garden that they were losing. It was something more. 
"The memories that'd been made in this house," Joseph said.
Over 50 years of memories, because the little blue house on the corner was passed down to Priscilla from her mother.
After living in a hotel for months, the two are finally able to move back home. 
"The Henry's have been just one of the most rewarding homeowners to work with," said Michela Schildts, the director of St. Bernard Project in South Carolina.
St. Bernard Project, or SBP, is among the many organizations who made this possible. It was a collective effort between SBP, United Way of the Midlands, Michael J. Mungo Foundation, AmeriCorps, Red Cross, and Hearts and Hands.
"They're just good people, the Henry's would sit outside and bring our volunteers food and take pictures," Schildts said, "we're just so happy to have them back home."
Home, where the nails in the wall can once again hang pictures, the halls can be filled with their 10 grandchildren, and of course...
"Now we can get our fish tank back up," Joseph laughed.
Joseph says after serving our country, he could not be more grateful to the volunteers who served him in his family's time of need.


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