Midlands Affected by Gas Pipeline Break

News 19's Lana Harris shows us how the colonial pipeline leak in Alabama is affecting drivers in the Midlands

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Paying for gas is one of those necessary evils that comes along with driving a car. No matter how much it is, we usually end up having to fork out the cash.

"I guess if we want to ride, we'll have to pay whatever it costs," said Martha Logan, a woman getting gas.

It is the price of us living in the fast lane.

"We are definitely dependent on gas," said Ellen Ardis, another woman at the gas station.

With the pipeline spill in Alabama affecting gas stations all the way here to the Palmetto state, stations all across the midlands saw a price increase.

"It's hit a pocket book pretty good," Ardis said.

In a matter of days, gas prices have jumped from an average of $1.90 to $2.03. In some cases, stations have completely run out.
"I wasn't expecting them to have no gas over there today," said Thomasina Gibson.
Gibson was greeted by yellow bags reading "Sorry Out of Service" when she went to the IGS gas station in Elgin. The owner of the IGA tells us they could not get the gas from their usual supplier in Charlotte and have to wait until they can get more from another source.
"It kind of slows down the pace when you've got to go find gas at other places," Gibson said.
"I don't think we're going to ride as much," Logan said.
Logan says the price hike reminds her of the BP gas spill when fuel was precious.
"I thought about what I needed to do," Logan said, "I didn't just jump in my car and ride, I waited until I got two or three things to do."
"I can think back when I was young and we used to ride around all the time, but it was 19 cents a gallon then," Ardis laughed. 
"We're really not too worried about it," said Dan Sarantopoulos, the owner of Columbia Charlotte Shuttle.
Saratopoulos started the business back when gas prices were over $4, but says that the unpredictable prices make it hard to plan.
"We keep our prices fixed throughout the year so it's always best for us to have as little variation in the gas price as possible," Sarantopoulos.
Little variation is nice, but I think we can all agree...  
"I'm ready for it to go back down," Ardis said.
The IGA gas station is expecting a fuel shipment in around midnight on Monday and expects to be up and running by Tuesday morning.


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