Midlands Girl Creates Shirt For Atlanta Braves

Red Bank, SC (WLTX) - With Major League Baseball season in full swing; a lot of fans have been watching the Atlanta Braves play and buying Braves merchandise like shirt and hats.

For one Midlands girl she noticed that the team didn't have a lot of apparel for girls and decided to change that.

"I was really excited," said Claire Goff.

Drawing pictures is something Goff loves to do. She's a 4th grader at Red Bank Elementary School, but she never imagined that something that she drew would be used by a Major League Baseball team.

"I was just like really amazed."

It started with a new Business Mentorship Program at the school.

"I'm a nurse and so hopefully Claire becomes a nurse too," said Lindsay Coppney.

Lindsay Coppney is Claire's mentor and happens to be good friends with the merchandise manager for the Atlanta Braves.

"She volunteered to do some lessons with the kids. She came to the school one time and did a lot of things with the kids through Skype, kind of a virtual mentorship."

That virtual mentorship turned into a contest to design the next shirt for the braves to sell.

"They all designed a t-shirt and then it turned into well lets pick the top three and then the top one and that's how we got here and Claire's shirt one."

"I was trying to make a girly shirt because when we went to a Braves game I saw that they didn't have any girly shirts," said Goff.

The students also learned about sales and marketing. You would think Claire's recent success would inspire her to become an artist... but she is following in the footsteps of her mentor.

"I want to be a nurse!"

When her design goes on sale she plans on taking a trip to Turner Field to buy tons of the T-shirts she made.

"I'm just going to buy one for me and my friends will probably buy some."

"People from all over the country that are Braves fans will be wearing her shirt and pretty awesome," said Coppney.

The shirt is waiting licensing approval and if approved will be sold at Turner Field.


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