Moonshine in the Midlands

Camden, SC (WLTX) – Starting Saturday, moonshine made here in the midlands will be for sale legally.

I'm a fourth generation moonshiner, my dad, my grandfather, my great-great grandfather all were moonshiners in Tennessee," said owner of Black Water Distillery Carl Monday.

When the state passed a law five years ago allowing micro breweries, Carl and his wife Shannon had the idea to sell moonshine in downtown Camden.

"It's made from the same corn and grain that the moonshiners used, the only difference is we are in a controlled environment, its sanitary and we follow federal guidelines so everything that you get in a bottle, you won't have to worry about lead or anything like that."

The Distillery specializes in Corn Whisky Moonshine but will soon expand to other flavors like apple pie, cherry and also bourbon.

"There is no sugar added you are just taking the natural grain, you are converting the starches to sugar and then you are fermenting that to make alcohol."

You have to of course be 21 or older to buy products from the store. Customers can also sample up to an once a day to decide what flavor they want to buy.

After grinding the corn they boil it for about 6 hours to extract the starch.

"This has been fermenting for about a week. So as you can see it has some small bubbles but its not a vigorous ferment. This is now ready for us to run through our still."

After reaching more than 170 degrees in the still - alcohol is created and the moonshine can now be bottled.

Monday says it's a very long process but it makes him feel good knowing he is continuing a family tradition.

"It's really amazing because you are doing it yourself and then you get to taste something that you made from scratch yourself, that really is fulfilling."

The store on Broad Street in Camden will be open Saturday at 9AM.


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