Mother, Daughter Create New Hair Barrette

Columbia, SC (WLTX) -- A Columbia mother has dived into the hair accessory business after she had enough of seeing her daughter come home from school with her hair out of place.

"One of the styles I really enjoy doing is pigtails like she has now," said Rozalynn Goodwin.

She spends every morning twisting and styling Gabrielle's hair.

"I don't feel them come off, but sometimes I touch the hair and they sometimes fall out," Gabrielle said.

"After putting the barrettes in her hair and then sending her to school or somewhere to play, coming back and there not being any barrettes left in her hair," Goodwin said.

After spending money to replace all those missing barrettes, Goodwin decided to vent on Twitter.

"Moms started responding to me, 'Oh, I hate those bows. I can't stand them. I've stopped using them. I have to put rubber bands at the end of mine now. They just don't stay in my daughter's hair,'" Goodwin said. "We just went back and forth and they said 'When you find one let me know.'"

That's when Goodwin and her daughter went to work.

"Gabrielle came up with ideas and designs and different things she wanted to see, the double-face, double-snap barrette evolved as that solution," Goodwin said.

After three years of research and design, the Gabby Bow was born.

Goodwin established a website and sales were steady. But the real magic came when nationwide retailer, Walgreens, decided they wanted to put the barrettes in their store.

"We weren't really expecting it or looking for it, it really just kind of came to us and we're really grateful. That was a blessing and a breakthrough and that's really what's generated people's interest in the barrettes," Goodwin said.

Goodwin's Facebook has been flooded by well-wishes and pictures of girls with all types of hair sporting Gabby Bows.

"It really means so much for people to support us in this community and everybody to rally around us and say we're going to make this successful in Columbia," Goodwin said.

Gabby Bows will be in more than 20 stores across South Carolina and Georgia. To find out how you can buy Gabby Bows, you can go to their website.


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